Parental Involvement

Your child needs your help in preparing for college.

Even if you did not attend college yourself, your support and encouragement are important factors in helping your child succeed. Recent estimates by the Department of Labor say that more than 68% of all jobs now require education beyond high school. Those that do not require further education are often low wage service positions. Postsecondary education can include not only colleges and universities but community colleges, career and trade schools, apprenticeships and other training programs.  There is an educational program to fit every child's need.

What if you can't afford college?
There are many kinds of financial aid available to help with college costs.  The federal government offers financial aid in the form of grants, loans and work-study. Each state (or city) sponsors financial aid programs for residents and most colleges or universities also provide scholarships to students with financial need. If you want to get an early idea about how much you may be expected to pay for your child's college costs, try one of the 'estimated family contribution' calculators.  These tools are designed to help you plan for college expenses.  You may be surprised at the results!

What can you do to help?
Make sure your child takes a college prep curriculum in high school. Students who take Algebra 1 by 9th grade have a much greater chance of enrolling in college. During high school, your child should take as many challenging courses as possible, including Advanced Placement courses. Encourage your child to develop good study habits.  

Take advantage of resources for parents
Many schools, community organizations, colleges and churches offer college planning sessions for parents. Attend these whenever you can.  Don't worry about asking 'stupid' questions.  If you have the question, most likely someone else will as well. There are many great resources that provide information about the college planning process for parents.  

Visit the CIC!
We can help you learn more about the college planning process and give you tools to help you help your student. We can also assist you with completing financial aid applications and answering your questions about the college application process.  

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